Bill Wales Friend of NTEC Award

Walker Industries Rewarded for their Commitment and Dedication to the Community.

Tim McVicar accepts awardThe Niagara Training & Employment Agency (NTEC) is a non-profit organization that motivates people with special needs to participate more fully in community life. Every year the board of trustees at NTEC honors a person or organization with “The Bill Wales Friend of NTEC award” .The Bill Wales Friend of NTEC Award is given to a person or organization that has provided NTEC with outstanding support during the previous year. The award was named after a man who demonstrated the true meaning of the word friend; a supporter of a cause; helper; an ally, Bill Wales. Walker Industries was honoured with this award on May 19, 2011.

Tim McVicar graciously accepted The Bill Wales Friend of NTEC award on behalf of Walker Industries at the 40th Anniversary Celebration for NTEC held at The John Brennan Building located in Port Robinson. Walker Industries has been a supporter of the NTEC for many years and was presented with this award based on our commitment and dedication to our communities, the environment, and future generations. As a company we support the Niagara region through many programs and is honoured to receive The Bill Wales Friend of NTEC award.

NTEC group at Walker Industries siteWalker Industries will continue to strive for success by positively contributing to our surrounding communities and demonstrating the true meaning of the word ‘friend’.