Welcome to Norjohn Contracting and paving limited

Construction & Paving

Paving and Construction are an excellent fit with Walker Industries.  An initial foothold in the aggregate business has allowed vertical integration into hot mix asphalt production, asphalt emulsion production and the final step of servicing customers by placing materials and constructing projects is achieved through Norjohn Contracting.

Construction projects are often secured through a tendering process, with the low bid contractor being awarded the work.  Norjohn Contracting is competitive in this type of environment, with its ability to control costs and quality along the entire value chain.

However, the lowest cost does not always ensure customer satisfaction.  The excellent workmanship of our construction crews, often puts us at an advantage with customers who understand that you get what you pay for.

Our talented staff and satisfied customers have bolstered our confidence further, and encouraged us to take on more challenges, including; bridge work, culvert installations, excavating and site development projects in both the public and private realm.

Aggregates & Asphalt

Walker Aggregates has a full range of Crushed Limestone and Sand & Gravel products supplying the Asphalt, Concrete, Construction and Landscaping needs of Southern Ontario. With several locations in the Niagara Peninsula and Simcoe regions, we traditionally have  been supporting the aggregate needs in these regions, the 400 corridor and beyond.
Niagara Region is also supported with two Hot Mix Asphalt batch plants producing a full range of mixes from materials needed for driveways to materials needed for municipal and highway road construction.

All materials are available for pick up at our locations with options to have materials delivered and placed when desired. Please see our individual sites for more information.