Converting Landfill Gas into Energy for 10 years at Trail Road

This past week saw a significant milestone for PowerTrail Inc., as the Trail Road Landfill celebrated 10 years of turning waste into energy.

The Trail Road landfill gas-to-energy plant takes methane gas, generated from decomposing waste, and converts it into renewable energy. The result is enough electricity to power 6,000 homes each year.

The plant sits on City of Ottawa land and was developed and is owned by PowerTrail Inc., an Ontario-based partnership between Energy Ottawa and Integrated Gas Recovery Services (IGRS). IGRS is also a partnership, between Walker Environmental Group Inc. and Comcor Environmental Ltd. Together they develop landfill gas utilization and control projects across Canada.

“Our partnership with Energy Ottawa on the Trail Road Landfill for the last 10 years, is one of many projects that provide us the opportunity to contribute to the circular economy,” said Mike Watt, Executive Vice President, Walker Environmental and Director, IGRS. “By creating renewable energy, we are reducing our carbon footprint, lessening the load on the electrical grid and lowering our demand for fossil fuels. It just makes sense.”

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