Health and Safety

“Live the Culture…The Superior Safety Culture”

Vision & Philosophy

At Walker Industries, we believe that every worker has the right to go home safe and healthy every day. Download our Vision presentation to learn more.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of safety excellence. Not only is safety an integral part of our business at Walker Industries, it is a core value.  The Company is committed to providing a safe workplace and all employees are engaged in the process. We have achieved this by living and working in a strong safety culture that is made up of 7 philosophies including:

  1. Pride in work

  2. Co-operation

  3. Cohesion

  4. Communication

  5. Participation

  6. Plan to work safe

  7. “Just Think”

Workplace Culture

Our workplace culture encourages the the mindset that all injuries and illnesses are preventable.  As part of this culture, Walker Industries also works closely with several safety organizations such as:

Ministry of Labour

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Industrial Accident Prevention Association

Ontario Waste Management Association

Infrastructure Health and Safety Association

Ontario Stone Sand and Gravel Association

Mines and Aggregates Safety and Health Association

Our Youth at Work Association



Information and knowledge are powerful tools to promote a safe workplace. That is why at Walker Industries we feel it is important to supply our employees with the education needed to prevent work related incidents and accidents. We continuously offer a variety of training, such as:

  • Employee Safety Orientation
  • Contractor Safety Orientation
  • Surface Miner Common Core Training
Health and Safety Videos

Visit our videos page to find a full gallery of Walker videos including:

  • Employee Health and Safety Orientation Video
  • Walker Industries Contractor Health and Safety Orientation Video