Walker Industries Indigenous RelationsIndigenous Relations Statement of Principles

Enshrine Collaborative Planning

Walker Industries will promote co-operation with our Indigenous neighbours and will facilitate collaborative planning to create relationships built on friendship, trust and mutual understanding. Walker Industries recognizes and respects the inherent relationship between Indigenous people and the land’s natural resources.

Goal:  To include the First peoples of this land from the very beginning of our projects or programs as welcome participants with shared interests for our communities.

Link to Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Walker Industries respects the value traditional knowledge brings and will seek to understand the views of Indigenous people to learn more about their traditional ecological knowledge and integrate that knowledge into the way we do business.

Goal: Proactively incorporate Indigenous traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) within current and future ecological restoration programs while working toward common environmental goals and objectives.

Core Values

Although a large, diversified corporation, Walker Industries remains a family company, firmly rooted in the community and dedicated to community services. We are committed to Community, Environment and Tomorrow’s Generations. These values, embraced by our employees, guide our day-to-day relations with our Indigenous neighbours.  In all our relationships, we value open communication, integrity, mutual respect, friendship and trust.

Goal: Face-to-face involvement with and charitable support for area First Nations, Metis communities and Friendship Centres and support for educational programs within Indigenous communities that touch our businesses.

Acknowledge Rights and Interests

Walker Industries respects the legal and Constitutional rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and recognizes that relationships with Indigenous peoples are separate and different from that of the Crown.

Goal: When and where appropriate, engage our Indigenous neighbours in planning for new projects.