Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Coming to a parking lot near you

At Walker Industries, our commitment to the environment does not end when the workday is over. In an effort to reduce our impact, many of us have altered our daily lifestyles – both at work and at home – to promote sustainable living.

Modern electric car chargingAs part of a new sustainability initiative, Walker Industries will be installing two electric vehicle charging (EVC) stations in the head office parking lot at the company’s Thorold campus. The EVC units are set to be installed in spring 2017. Each EVC station will have dual hookups, allowing one station to charge two vehicles at the same time. In total, the two new ECV stations will be able to charge up to four vehicles at once.

To provide ease and convenience to both guests and employees, one EVC station will be installed in the head office visitor parking lot and the other will be installed in the employee parking area located south of the visitor lot. Both EVC stalls will be painted, and signage will be displayed to indicate EVC availability.

Typically, an electric vehicle can be fully charged in approximately 4 hours, depending on battery state at time of charging. This timeline will allow Walker Industries to fully charge up to eight electric vehicles per day.

Employees who wish to use the EVC stalls will be required to register their vehicle at head office. Employees who register will receive a RFID program card to activate the EVC unit. This on-site charging service will be provided at no cost to visitors and employees.
The EVC stations will be equipped with a central electrical meter to track usage. If the demand for the EVC stations increase, Walker Industries will explore the option of installing additional charging stations.

Walker Industries is happy to be able to better accommodate both employees and visitors who are making a conscious effort to decrease their environmental impact. We look forward to seeing the benefits of these new EVC stations.