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The Customs Products line supplies a wide variety of custom formulated and blended products for many industrial and commercial applications.  Originally a manufacturer of janitorial products, Walker Emulsions has expanded the product offerings in this area over the years.  Soaps, cleaners, release agents, lubricants, pre-treatment chemicals, coolants, and automotive waxes are only a few examples of the products available.  Package sizes from 4 ounces to tank trucks are possible and private label programs are encouraged.  Custom formulation or blending of proprietary products are both available.  Logistical support and local warehousing make the Custom Products business unit a real advantage to many customers.

Product Family

Cleaners and Degreasers

Resin Cleaners
Water based formulas
Commercial degreasers
Metal pre-treatment
Steam cleaner
Hot or Cold Tank


Rust inhibitors
Soluble oil coolants
Steel and carbide grinding

Lubricants & Cutting Oils

Tapping fluids
Thread lubricants
Soluble oil
Rust inhibitor
Sawing and milling
Penetrating oil

Release Aids

Asphalt release
Form release
Paint strippers

Custom Formulations

Foam control for hydro-seed
Kosher certified formulations
Asphalt release
Paint and coating defoamers


Car and truck wash
Tire cleaners
Automotive wash and wax
Bug and tar remover

Janitorial Products

Floor cleaner
Mark remover
Vandalism cleaners
Floor sweeping compound
Glass and ceramic cleaners
Private label program

Soaps and Waxes

Hand cleaner
Hand sanitizer

Distributor Products

(all uses)
Maintenance paints
Grinding coolants
Stencils and marking ink
Soaps & Cleaners
Automotive and fleet
Private label program

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