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The Forest Products line provides a wide variety of paints, sealers, ink, stains, and process additives for the woodworking industry.  End Seals to control drying and checking of the west coast lumber species was one of the earliest products developed.  Since that time, coatings have been developed for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.  Full lab support is available for product development and formulation work.  Contract manufacturing, tolling, and private label products are available.

Product Family

Lumber End Seals

Clear End Seal
Colored End Seal

Pollution Control

ESP Foam Control
Scrubber Chemistries

Architectural Coating

Contract or Toll Manufacturer of
Interior Finish Formulas

Primer Paints

Millwork Primer
Maintenance Paints
Graffiti Paint


Inks and stains

Grade Stamp Ink
Wood Stains for Treated Lumber
Nail Line Concentrates
Disappearing Ink
UV Detection

Clear Sealer

LVL Sealer
Furniture and Composite Board

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