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The Pulp & Paper line has developed and manufactured process additives continuously for the past 40 years.  Some customer relationships have spanned that entire time period.  At Walker Emulsions, we know that your key to an efficient operation depends upon the quality of the products employed.  We achieve and maintain highest quality through computer integrated manufacturing and statistical process control to deliver you a consistent product every time.

Walker Emulsions has been unequaled in the assessment and production of products to meet their customers needs.  Formulations are based on the best environmental options available.  The original emphasis was on process defoamers for the pulp side of the operation.  Walker Emulsions now provides a wide range of products to meet the needs of the customer.  Custom formulations, consistent and repeatable quality, and logistical support and service have been hallmarks for Walker Emulsions.

Product Family

Defoamers - Pulp and Paper

Machine Applications
Silicone based
Silicone emulsions
Oil Based
Water based
Deinking applications
PEG Ester

Felt Cleaners

Acidic applications
Alkaline applications
Neutral formulations
Solvent based requirements


Effluent Applications
Paper mill aeration ponds
Municipality water treatment

Custom Formulations

Kosher Applications
Private Label and Contract
Food Grade

Anti-skid products for carton and boxboard industries

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