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Our ongoing investment in research & development includes two fully staffed, state of the art laboratories. One, located on-site in our Burlington, Ontario production facility is dedicated to asphalt related products; as well as, quality control and finished product testing. Our newest lab provides the equipment and technology required to develop complex, custom designed formulations and performance products. Our highly qualified staff work closely with industry towards the creation of chemical products which give desired expectations.

We develop and test enhanced formulations using state of the art design of experiment techniques and software as well as a pioneering bench scale pilot system to simulate end use applications. Our customers are also provided with the analytical and problem solving capabilities of our laboratory. Some of the industries supported by our R&D activities include engineered wood products, gypsum wallboard, fiberglass insulation, paper coatings, and more.

If we don’t already have the product you need, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss with you our creativity and production capabilities can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our commitment to meeting exacting performance standards through innovative technologies and development is the key to our ongoing successes.