Technical ServicesTechnical Services

For almost thirty years, we have provided both Wax and Asphalt Emulsions to a variety of industries and municipalities across North America. Our commitment to value added customer service and consistent top quality products has always been our goal. Today, our customers demand nothing less than this high level of commitment.

Services such as quarterly Statistical Process Control (SPC) analysis; detailed procedures on subjects such as Storage and Handling; and Tank Cleaning; and market updates and forecasts; are all ways that we deliver on our commitments to superior technical support and customer service.

Frequently, our team of industry specific specialists will work side-by-side with our customers to provide on-site support and advice. Often this means utilizing our Research and Development laboratory expertise to solve the real world problems that our customers face everyday.

Our Technical Support is unrivaled. It is our keen ability to meet our customers’ constantly evolving needs, with 24-7 customer support, combined with the ability to engineer products specific to our customers’ requirements that makes us number one.

To discuss our products or for technical data, MSDS, product storage and handling information please email our staff in your region: