GORE® Compost Facility Opens

Walker Industries officially opened its innovative new GORE® compost facility in Thorold today. Environment Minister John Gerretsen was on hand to celebrate the official opening of the state-of-the-art facility, specially built to accommodate the re-launch and expansion of the Region of Niagara’s organic diversion program.

GORE® Compost Facility Opens“Providing new jobs and creating value out of what was once considered waste is the essence of green infrastructure and sustainability,” said Minister Gerretsen. “That’s good for the economy and good for the environment.” Organic materials make up as much as one third of the waste Ontarians throw out. Keeping organic waste out of the landfill and creating compost reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the need for petroleum based fertilizers and pesticides, and increases carbon sequestration in soil.

To increase public participation in food waste separation, the Region of Niagara recently re-launched its organic diversion program as well as implementing a full organic diversion program to service single-family and multi-family dwellings. Walker Industries, a fifth-generation family run company with headquarters in Thorold, won the 20-year contract to process the Region’s organics. The new compost facility is designed to process a minimum of 40,000 tonnes organic waste annually, but can be expanded to accommodate future requirements of the Region.

According to Niagara Regional Councillor Tim Rigby, “The Region has achieved great success with the re-launch of its Green Bin program – increasing participation in the program by 52 per cent. We are glad to have a partner like Walker’s who continues to utilize new and innovative technologies to help us achieve Council’s goal of 65 per cent diversion by 2012.” The new compost facility utilizes the GORE® Cover System, a proven German composting technology, to produce a consistent, high quality product in only eight weeks. Compost piles are covered with a specially designed Gore-Tex™ membrane laminated between two layers of polyester. The cover reduces odour emissions by 90-97% compared with open pile or windrow composting. A system of computerized sensors continuously monitors the composting processes to maintain optimum decomposition and prevent odour emissions.

Mike Watt, VP of Walker Industries, believes the new GORE® technology will revolutionize composting in Ontario. “We want to make this facility a showcase where people from around the world will come to learn how to do it right,” says Watt. “Ours is a clean, well organized site that is scientifically managed to minimize odour and produce a premium end product.” With lower capital and operating costs, the Gore facility provides the Region with one of the most competitive organics disposal rates in the province for “in-vessel” facilities. End markets for compost are critical to the success of any compost operation. Walker’s current facility has been sold out of high quality material since inception. Walker Industries has been in the waste management business since the early 1970s. Walker’s integrated waste management system in the Niagara Region includes a range of services including composting, landfilling, biosolids processing, landfill gas collection and utilization, and a public waste drop-off facility.

About Walker Industries
Walker Industries is a private, fifth-generation, family-owned business. The company operates limestone quarries, asphalt plants and road construction and paving businesses in Niagara and elsewhere in Ontario; manufactures asphalt and industrial emulsions in Burlington; operates an integrated waste management system which includes collection, transfer, recycling, composting, biosolids management, landfill gas utilization and waste disposal; undertakes residential and commercial development and has significant design, build and operating expertise.

For more information about Walker’s new GORE® compost facility, contact Mike Deprez or visit www.walkerind.com.

Contact information: Mike Deprez, Walker Industries, Phone: 905.227.4142