IGRS – “Greenest” Business Award Winner!

IGRS – “Greenest” Business Award WinnerThe Niagara Region Environmental Awards, established in 1989, is one of the longest-running programs of its kind.  The awards recognize individuals, businesses, community groups, nonprofit groups, youth and families who have made outstanding efforts and contributions to protect Niagara’s environment.  Niagara residents have the opportunity to nominate individuals or groups who have shown significant efforts to protect and restore the natural environment.

This year Integrated Gas Recovery Services Inc. (IGRS) was awarded the 2010 ‘Greenest’ Business Award, one of the seven Niagara Region Environmental Awards. The Greenest’ Business category recognizes Niagara businesses that have contributed to the ‘green’ economy and the conservation of the surrounding environment (Niagara Region, 2010). IGRS is a Niagara based company and recognized leader in Canada when it comes to harnessing landfill gas for environmental benefit.  IGRS implements projects that recover gas generated from the decomposition of waste in municipal landfills, turning it into renewable energy and providing major reductions in the release of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs). The collection and control of landfill gas plays a major role in Canada’s effort to reduce GHG emissions. IGRS currently operates five landfill gas projects across Ontario with several new projects in the development stages. IGRS’ East Landfill project in Niagara alone prevents the release of approximately 350,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide equivalents (the unit of measure for GHGs) per year – this equates to removing approximately 80,000 medium sized cars per year from Niagara roads.

Truly honored to be the 2010 ‘Greenest’ Business Award winner, IGRS will continue to focus on the environmental health of Ontario and strive for continued success in the future.

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