Norjohn ACIWelcome to Norjohn-ACI Inc.


Norjohn-ACI Inc., originally known as Associated Chemists (ACI) and founded in 1929, was formed with the recent acquisition of ACI’s assets by Walker Industries. The early owners of ACI were pioneers in the development of environmentally responsible alternatives to many of the harsh chemicals used in the industry at the time, a philosophy that continues today with the newly formed Norjohn-ACI Inc.


Among Norjohn-ACI Inc.’s product offerings are a selection of water based and dioxin free Defoamer products, an original Edge Seal product for Oriented Strand Board, De-dusting Emulsions for Fiberglass, Wax Emulsions for composite wood panels and gypsum, as well as a variety of custom and toll produced products for customers throughout North America. Norjohn-ACI Inc. is located in Portland, Oregon, USA.