Cold Recycled Mix CRMCold Recycled Mix (CRM)

CRM is Environmentally Friendly

CRM substantially reduces the emission of green house gases do to the significant reduction in the consumption of energy according to the ‘Road Rehabilitation Energy Reduction Guide for Canadian Road Builders’ published by Natural Resources Canada CRM consumes approximately 25% of the energy that hot mix consumes.

Norjohn Contracting and Paving offers CRM an alternative to using 100% virgin aggregate, CRM utilizes processed RAP (recycled asphalt pavement). Being an emulsion mix CRM offers many of the same benefits as OGM.  In addition CRM offers substantial cost savings when compared to other paving alternatives.

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CRM Specification with Midland Mix Paver

  • Less expensive than conventional hot mix
  • Mitigates both reflective & thermal cracking
  • Self Healing
  • Good Flexibility
  • Improves geometrics of the surface
  • Good preventative maintenance technique
  • Environmentally sound