ColdmixOpen-Graded Cold Mix (OGM)

Product Background

Norjohn Contracting and Paving offers OGM as an alternate solution for upgrading roads without the need to rebuild from the sub-base.

OGM provides a very resilient surface, which is especially well suited for upgrading and strengthening roads with deficient sub-bases. OG mixes are resistant to fatigue cracking because of their flexibility, high void content, and a tendency to self heal.

OGM also improves skid resistance, minimizing hydroplaning as it is free draining; eliminating rich/flushed areas because of the large void content.

Last but not least, OGM is an environmentally sound solution as it produces less pollution and reduces fossil fuel consumption.

Related Documentation:
OPSS 309
Construction Specification for cold  mixed, cold laid, open and dense graded bituminous mix

  • Improves skid Resistance
  • Improves visibility in wet weather
  • Mitigates both reflective & thermal cracking
  • Self Healing
  • Good Flexibility
  • Improves geometrics of the surface
  • Higher yield
  • Environmentally sound