Surface TreatmentSurface Treatment

Norjohn Contracting is equipped with state of the art distributors and chip spreaders to meet your surface treatment requirements. Our operations encompass the Province of Ontario. Surface Treatment is a low cost maintenance technique often used as the final surface on roadways and parking lots. This method produces an all-weather surface, renews weathered pavements, improves skid resistance and seals granular surfaced roads.

Single Surface Treatment

A Single Surface Treatment consists of four basic steps. First the existing pavement is swept clean to ensure proper adhesive, followed by a conventional asphalt distributor that sprays a uniform application of emulsion onto the surface. A chip-spreader follows the distributor and applies a uniform layer of clean aggregate. The fourth and final stage of the process is to roll the area to set the clean aggregate into the emulsion.

Double Surface Treatment

A Double Surface Treatment consists of two alternate uniform applications of asphalt, emulsion and cover aggregate. Both Single and Double Surface Treatments can extend a road's life for 6 to 10 years with no maintenance.


Related Documentation:
OPSS 303
Construction Specification for double chip seal

OPSS 304
Construction Specification for single and double surface treatment

OPSS 1006
Material Specification for Aggregates - Surface Treatment

OPSS 1103
Material Specification for Emulsified Asphalt

  • New all-weather wearing surface
  • Waterproof barrier for underlying materials
  • Skid-resistant surface
  • Provides new life to a dry, weathered surface
  • Provides cover for a new base course
  • Delineate shoulders from traffic lanes
  • Stop-gap measure prior to reconstruction or upgrading
  • Key preventative technique to control life cycle costing