Portland K-Kids and Walker Emulsions Tackle Graffiti

Walker Emulsions Portland, Oregon office sits adjacent to the Springwater Corridor Trail and its north-facing wall is often hit with graffiti. Approximately 5 years ago, Walker Emulsions teamed up with an after school program called K-Kids for a solution.

Walker Emulsions helps to coordinate the kids, supplies the paint, painting supplies and of course, a few snacks and the K-Kids get to work covering up the graffiti.

K-Kids is an after school program made up of Whitcomb Elementary School 5th graders and is part of the Kiwanis Club. The main goal is to teach leadership skills and responsibility, while performing acts of service in the community, schools, and at home.

This year, the 5th graders had to apply to join and each were required to write about why they wanted to be a part of the program. Most of the students expressed a desire to make the world a better place and to help the community. These students meet weekly and conduct official meetings run by the “officers” who were voted into the positions via official elections.

Sydney Lynott, a Social Work Intern at Whitcomb Elementary, is not part of Kiwanis but has taken this project on as her own. Sydney had this to say, “they are an incredible group of students who genuinely care and want to be of service. They take great joy in helping others and manage to have fun and play all the while. They are our future and I am so proud of them.”

Steve Brown, Operations Manager with Walker Emulsions said, “this program aligns perfectly with our Walker values and we are happy to be part of it. These are truly an outstanding group of kids”.

The K-Kids program has engaged in several community and school based service projects, such as picking up litter, monthly interactions with an eldercare facility, school-wide cleanups and much more.