Region Aiming for 65% Waste Diversion by 2020

According to a November 5 article in the Welland Tribune, only 42% of Niagara Region residents are using the green bin program to divert their organic waste from landfill. In response, the Region has initiated a 30-day challenge for residents to pledge use of their green bin. The challenge is part of an initiative to reach the Regional goal of 65% waste diversion by 2020.

Once your green bin is emptied each week at the curb, the material goes to Walker Environmental in Thorold. In 2014, the Walker site processed almost 30,000 tonnes of Niagara Region green bin organics.

Diana Aquino - GO2Compost quality control supervisor, Diana Aquino explains, “Our compost process turns household food waste into a quality compost product in just 8 weeks. If organics go into the landfill, the breakdown takes a lot longer and those nutrients don’t go back out into the community as compost. Applying compost in our community is crucial to improving the health of our soils for food security and for a successful function of our ecosystem to support our future generations.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about the green bin challenge, how to get a green bin and kitchen caddy, and acceptable materials, go to or call the Waste Management Info-Line at 905-356-4141 or toll free 1-800-594-5542.

Welland Tribune Article (PDF)
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