Southwestern Landfill – Terms of Reference Approved

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March 18, 2016, Ingersoll, Ontario – Walker Environmental’s Terms of Reference for the Environmental Assessment (EA) of its Southwestern Landfill Proposal has been approved by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (Ministry). The Terms of Reference is the roadmap or work plan for how the project will be studied during the next phase of the EA.

The Terms of Reference was developed in consultation with stakeholders and submitted to the Ministry in 2014. It has remained under review by the Ministry since that time. The approval of the Terms of Reference is an initial step in the overall EA process and does not signal the approval of the project. It will take several more years to complete the full Environmental Assessment.

“The approval of the Terms of Reference is a significant milestone for everyone involved with the Southwestern Landfill EA. It confirms that there is a rationale for this project and that a robust framework is in place to guide us through the next phase. This approval now allows us to begin the technical and scientific studies that will provide answers to the many questions the community has raised” said Darren Fry, Director of Strategic Growth for Walker.

As a next step, Walker will publish a Notice of Commencement that identifies the official start of the Study Phase of the EA. “Opportunities to participate and provide input during this next phase will be clearly communicated and explained. We look forward to continuing to work with the Community Liaison Committee, Technical Experts, Municipalities, First Nations and interested members of the community” said Fry.

Fry went on to add, “We are committed to straighforward and respectful engagment with all interested parties. We appreciate the involvement and input from all stakeholders. It was through this community input and dialogue that we were able to create a comprehensive plan to study this proposal.”

Mike Watt, Executive Vice-President of Walker Environmental concluded “We are committed to investing in infrastructure in Ontario to stimulate economic development and create new employment while protecting the environment within Oxford County.”

About the Southwestern Landfill Proposal
The Southwestern Landfill Proposal seeks to develop a modern non-hazardous solid waste landfill in a mined quarry in the Township of Zorra. The Proposal represents an important infrastructure development in Oxford County and a major investment for Walker Environmental. Walker Environmental is considering this Proposal because Ontario is facing an increasing need for new, safe and reliable waste disposal capacity.

More details on the Proposal can be found on the Proposal website,

About Walker Industries and Walker Environmental
Since 1887, Walker Industries, the parent company of Walker Environmental, has proven to be a dynamic and diversified company. Walker Industries is a 5th generation, family-owned Canadian company that has operated from a base in the Niagara Region for over 125 years. Now employing more than 600 people across North America, Walker Industries takes pride in providing infrastructure that builds communities. The company is comprised of three divisions: Walker Aggregates, Walker Emulsions and Walker Environmental.

Walker Environmental is a leading waste management and resource recovery company. The company operates two landfills, a waste transfer facility, six biosolids stablizaton plants, two composting facilities, four food/residual organic processing facilities, several landfill gas renewable energy projects in Ontario and Manitoba, and a waste haulage company. Walker Environmental has successfully and safely operated waste management facilities for three decades.

Commitment to the environment, communities, and tomorrow’s generations is the foundation for growth at Walker Industries. To learn more about Walker Industries and Walker Environmental, please visit

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