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Walker Industries 2014 Sustainability Report

Asphalt Plant Efficiencies Improved

Significant upgrades were made to the Walker Brothers Asphalt plant to improve its performance. Hot oil lines are used to maintain the temperature of the asphalt cement as it moves through the plant. The heater that heats the oil was replaced with more efficient equipment. Due to the effectiveness of the new heater, 50% of the existing hot oil lines were removed and 5 pumps used to circulate the hot oil eliminated. Fewer hot oil lines means less oil is required. Insulation was also added to the new lines, preventing heat loss and conserving energy. Upgrades were also done to the burner on the plant to improve its efficiency.

In 2014, the plant reduced its natural gas use by 14,067 m3, resulting in 103,332 kW of reduced energy.

40% Energy Reduction
7% Carbon Footprint Reduction

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