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Walker Industries 2014 Sustainability Report

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint Total Emissions: 30,773 tonnes CO2e

Carbon Footprint Breakdown by Division
Aggregates & Construction: 62%
Corporate Services: 1%
Environmental Solutions: 32%
Emulsions (not including Walker Emulsions South Carolina): 5%

Carbon Footprint Breakdown by Source
Diesel Fuel: 62%
Propane: 0.2%
Gasoline: 4%
Natural Gas: 27%
Electricity: 7%
Refrigerants: 0%
In 2014, Organic Resource shipped approximately 13,221 tonnes of organic waste with an energy value of 69,868 gigajoules, creating 6,604,287 kilowatt hours of electricity. That is enough energy to power about 550 Canadian homes for a year.

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