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Walker Industries 2014 Sustainability Report


To grow and prosper, we firmly believe we must remain true to our founding values.

Respect – for employees, customers, suppliers, neighbours, the environment and our communities – is what we stand for.

Key to our economic success is our long-term view.

Our employees are innovative and look to maximize value from our operations.

Participating in the circular economy and providing sustainable options are imperative moving forward.

We take a generational approach to decision making and look for conservative business growth based on innovating within our existing operations and acquiring related businesses.

Our customers and suppliers are key partners in our economic success.

18.3% Revenue from Sustainable Products and Services
Sustainable products or services are those that support not only economic prosperity, but also environmental and social prosperity.

11.1% Revenue from Innovative Products and Services
Innovative products or services are those introduced or sold to new customer segments in the last 5 years.

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