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Walker Industries 2014 Sustainability Report

Emulsions Coast to Coast

Walker Emulsions identified the need to be more than a regional player and achieve market penetration of our products across all of North America. This goal is what drove the purchase of Associated Chemists Inc. (ACI, now Walker Emulsion Inc.) in Portland in 2012 and the start-up of our Orangeburg South Carolina operation in 2014. Portland provides us with coverage in the Northwestern U.S. and Western Canada and South Carolina provides close-tomarket manufacturing for the Southeastern United States.

ACI had a solid market share supplying specialty chemicals to the pulp and paper industry, just the market for our emulsion products. Our Portland facility has proven that it was a platform for growth. The technical expertise and production know-how of the Portland group made for a seamless transition into manufacturing of our emulsion in the west. The efforts of our sales and technical services teams have been paramount in serving the needs of our customers to substantially grow the business.

Each geographic location brings its own challenges, such as understanding the effect of water hardness and weather conditions. The unique conditions and different technologies of each operation have created opportunities to share and learn. The lessons and ideas generated as a result of the acquisitions have strengthened our operations across the continent.

Portland and Orangeburg have secured our position as a key supplier in the North American market. We are now recognized as a leading supplier of emulsion chemistry.

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