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Walker Industries 2014 Sustainability Report

Exercise Stalwart Guardian

From August 16 to 24, the Niagara region hosted a massive Canadian Army exercise. The exercise included soldiers from the US Army’s 48th Infantry Combat Team of the Georgia National Guard and the British Army’s Royal Regiment of Scotland. Approximately 2,500 soldiers participated. Normally, these exercises are conducted on military bases; however, in 2014, the military stepped out into the community.

The Niagara region provided a range of environmental conditions and complex terrain for more challenging and realistic scenarios for the soldiers to hone their skills. Walker Aggregates offered up two of our quarries for the exercises. Ridgemount Quarries was the site of a large combat scenario, and Spring Creek Aggregates was used for reconnaissance exercises. Employees at both locations were thrilled to have the opportunity to observe such an extensive exercise and get up close and personal with our troops.

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