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Walker Industries 2014 Sustainability Report

Giving Away the Farmhouse

When good friends of one of Walker Aggregates’ employees lost their home to a chimney fire, our Duntroon employees rallied to raise money and offer help. The family had no insurance and nowhere to live. Walker Aggregates owned a home located on the quarry expansion lands that was slated to be demolished. Seeing a potential solution, employees asked if the family could live there until they got their lives in order. Volunteers fixed the house up, and we replaced the furnace so the house would be comfortable for living.

When the quarry licence was granted and the house had to be removed, it wasn’t demolished. Instead, it was donated to the family, who moved it a few kilometres down the road to their old property where a foundation had been prepared.

“It feels good to make a decision that so positively impacts one of our neighbours.”
Ken Lucyshyn, Executive Vice-President, Walker Aggregates

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