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Walker Industries 2014 Sustainability Report

The Greening of Used Cooking Oil

In 2014, Organic Resource entered the used cooking oil (UCO) market with a new no-muss, no-fuss approach for our customers. UCO is a resource and when managed well has a significant value as raw material in biodiesel production. UCO is generated by restaurants and other food preparation facilities.

Historically, UCO has been collected outside in a large bin that can be odorous. The handling of UCO in the kitchen and walking pails of UCO to the outside collection bin presents health and safety risks to employees.

Our indoor storage options and secure-lock system provides enhanced security for this valuable resource. Our direct, quick connections from the fryer to the tank eliminates odours and spills and requires minimal handling of hot oil, reducing burns, slips and falls. Our wireless level sensors and see-through rolling carts allow the customer to accurately measure the volumes of UCO they produce.

With our UCO collection service, we provide our customers with one-stop shopping for the management of both their grease trap and used cooking oil.

Delivering a new service like this is an opportunity to develop our people. UCO Manager Stephany Capogna led the roll out of the service and described it as the most exhilarating and challenging work experience of her career. Through this experience Stephany has come to appreciate the value of teamwork and accountability.

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