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Walker Industries 2014 Sustainability Report

Improving Lighting Efficiency

When Walker Emulsions identified the need to upgrade lighting in Portland, Oregon, we saw it as an opportunity to increase energy efficiency and decrease operating costs.

Approximately 350 lights were changed and activity sensors installed to reduce light waste in areas where no one is working. The switches work on motion detection. In addition to the energy and cost savings, the new lighting provides better light distribution, which improves working conditions by reducing dark areas.

Energy Trust of Oregon completed an analysis of the work before it began and estimated that the annual energy savings for lighting will be over 250,000 kWh per year, or 68% less electricity!

In recognition of this important step toward higher efficiency, the Energy Trust offset 55% of the cost with rebates. This project will pay for itself in electricity savings in less than 2 years, after which the plant will continue to save on electricity costs and have a lower environmental impact while improving plant safety.

Electricity Exported to Grid (kWh)

SOURCE 2013 2014
Walker Environmental Landfills, Niagara Falls 6,865,259 6,980,195
Partnership Landfills 85,866,924 84,836,451
Organic Resource 6,604,287 8,662,779
Total 99,336,470 100,479,425
We harness the power of renewable energy. We have turned environmental liabilities into renewable energy assets. At our Niagara Falls, Ontario landfills we collect landfill gas and convey it for direct use at a local paper mill. In 2014, we collected and processed 771,360 GJ of landfill gas for direct use and electrical generation. We also flared 660,850 GJ of landfill gas.

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