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Walker Industries 2014 Sustainability Report

Improving Soil Conditions for Tree Survival Near Highways

Highway construction results in soil compaction, which can impact tree growth. Our Walker Environmental Group teamed up with the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (VRIC) to help address that challenge. Our compost facility worked with VRIC to develop a special blend of compost that was designed to aid in improving soil quality, thereby enhancing the health of roadside plant life.

Compaction during highway construction results in low-porosity soil, which limits tree root growth. It also affects the ability of the roots to absorb oxygen and water, thereby reducing the survival rate of vegetation near our highways. A pilot project was launched in 2014 aimed at improving soil conditions for tree survival near highways. The trial is looking at a practical approach to addressing the effects of compaction through tilling and amending the soil with compost.

Total hectares of farm conservation and managed forest owned by Walker Industries
Land use 2013 (hectares) 2014 (hectares)
Total Farmed Land 802.51 769.91
Total Conservation Land 166.80 168.17
Total Managed Forest 102.86 102.86
Total 1,072.17 1,040.94

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