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Walker Industries 2014 Sustainability Report

The Living Campus

Walker Environmental Group partnered with Mountainview Homes to construct a Living Campus at District School Board of Niagara’s (DSBN) Woodend Environmental Centre. In 2012, the Walker family and Walker Industries donated $500,000 towards the construction and revitalization of the Woodend Property located on the Niagara Escarpment adjacent to our Niagara Falls facilities.

The living campus features both indoor and outdoor learning environments where thousands of students from the Niagara region can enjoy hands-on, interactive environmental educational experiences. Students are challenged to acknowledge their connection to the environment and to reduce their environmental footprint.

The interactive learning began with the construction of the campus. An essential part of the contract with DSBN was to integrate the district’s Specialty High Skills Major Construction program students into the project. Approximately 25 students were involved. They worked alongside contractors and gained valuable hands-on skills. They demolished the existing structures by hand, learned masonry skills, framed the new structures and shadowed tradespeople.

Students also learned important concepts such as material reuse — what someone may define as waste could very well be of value to another – the importance of deadlines, teamwork and collaboration.

The value for the students was the hands-on skills gained, which can be applied in the future.

The campus will be open for learning in 2015.

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