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Seeing the Unseen - McGregor Quarry

Geologists working in the petroleum industry rarely have a chance to get a good look at the layers of rock in which oil can be found. Their experience is often limited to studying drilled core samples. In September, approximately 25 members of the Eastern Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the Ontario Petroleum Institute visited our McGregor Quarry to see a rock formation that hosts oil deposits in Ontario.

The group of delegates were attending a conference in London, Ontario, which was organized by the two associations. Dr. Denis Tetreault, from the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Windsor, and Terry Carter, of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, led the visit. While the McGregor Quarry is not a source of petroleum because the rock there is too close to the surface, the actual formation is indicative of the geology of areas of Ontario where petroleum is available.

“You can see a good cross-section of the rock stratigraphy at the quarry. It helps us understand what is going on underground elsewhere in Ontario.”
Dr. Denis Tetreault
In addition to bringing professional geologists to the quarry, Denis often brings groups of his students in for visits.
“It’s the only location in this part of the province where students can study limestone formation in place.”
Dr. Denis Tetreault

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