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Walker Industries 2014 Sustainability Report

Norjohn Contracting ORBA Green Award

Norjohn Contracting's alternative paving work with Haldimand County resulted in significant energy and resource savings last year. The project was awarded the 2014 ORBA Green Award for Leadership & Sustainability by the Ontario Road Builders Association (ORBA). This award was established in 2010 to recognize environmental leadership and sustainable practices in the construction of Ontario’s transportation infrastructure. The award recognizes contractors who go beyond the scope of requirement on a specific project or develop or adopt innovative strategies to enhance sustainability.

“ORBA is delighted to congratulate Norjohn Contracting as the winner of the 2014 ORBA Green Leadership and Sustainability Award,” said ORBA Executive Director Geoff Wilkinson.

Joe Tiernay, the Executive Director of the Ontario Good Roads Association, also expressed his congratulations and said, “It’s this kind of innovative thinking that makes Ontario’s roads the safest in North America while protecting our environment.”

The 2014 award recognizes work we did on approximately 30 km of road in Haldimand County. One of the alternative paving materials was Cold Recycled Mix, which uses 100% Recycled Asphalt Pavement, rather than virgin aggregate materials. By conserving raw materials and using more recycled content, we conserve non-renewable resources, significantly decrease energy requirements and produce fewer emissions. It is estimated that 6.6 million megajoules of energy and 53,596 tonnes of virgin aggregate were saved during the 2013 construction project in Haldimand County.

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