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Walker Industries 2014 Sustainability Report

Purchase of N-Viro® Systems Canada LP

After seven successful years operating our Niagara Biosolids facility in Thorold, Ontario, with N-Viro® Systems Canada LP, we purchased the company. The acquisition enhances our support for municipal waste diversion programs and aligns with our current focus on beneficial reuse for municipal wastewater treatment organics. The purchase of N-Viro® expands our comprehensive organics strategy and waste diversion business and broadens our geographic base.

The objective of our biosolids program is to harvest the resources in municipal biosolids, transform them and return them to the earth to benefit the soil. After being processed by us, approximately 100,000 tonnes of biosolids are beneficially used each year across Canada. We receive biosolids from municipal wastewater treatment plants and stabilize them with lime.

An increase in temperature and pH pasteurizes the material, killing off unwanted pathogens. The lime adds to the value of the biosolids as a soil amendment and fertilizer with the ability to adjust the pH of the soil. Our Banff facility co-processes source-separated organic wastes with the municipal biosolids to produce a registered fertilizer, N-Rich®.

Our products can help improve the sustainability of farms by offering significant crop benefits at a lower cost than other available soil amendments. These products also provide phosphorus and potassium, nutrients that are not renewable in nature.

Through N-Viro®, we now hold several Canadian patents, licenses and trademarks related to biosolids products and processing technology.

100,000 tonnes/year biosolids diverted
Our locations: Banff | Halifax | Leamington | Niagara | Sarnia | Sudbury

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