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Walker Industries 2014 Sustainability Report

Sandra Beauvais - 27 Years of Service

From her very first day, Sandra felt part of the Walker family. She remembers the company Christmas parties in the basement of Norris Walker’s home, going to Buffalo Sabres games with John Walker and potluck lunches in the office. Sandra joined Walker Industries in 1987, the year we celebrated 100 years of operation. Starting as a Landfill Waste Inspector, she ended up in the Scalehouse the next week. In 1989, she became the Invoicing Clerk for the landfill operation and has been there ever since. The company has grown significantly since her early days, and the technology has definitely improved. When she started, scale tickets were hand written and employees communicated with 2-way radios.

“A job is just a job. But for me, working at Walker has always been about the people, and I have worked with some marvellous people.”

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