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Walker Industries 2014 Sustainability Report

Team Building at Evergreen Brick Works

Walker Environmental Group (WEG) chose the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto for their 2014 team-building day. The site’s environmental centre is an ideal location for workshops, and Evergreen provides volunteer opportunities on site as well.

Evergreen’s four main areas of focus are:

These objectives nicely align with our EARTH 1st principles, our values and our desire to make a difference.

In the morning, we learned how Evergreen brings sustainability to life by helping to prepare planting boxes for a mobility garden, mending broken fences with recycled building materials, shovelling compost and tending existing gardens.

In the afternoon and evening, the focus was connecting with each other – this was especially important for WEG, as we have grown significantly since 2013. Strong relationships between our employees are fundamental to our success as a company. Providing a safe environment that fosters good discussion and the sharing of ideas, learning and discovery starts with people knowing and understanding each other. The Evergreen Brick Works was a great place and organization to help us develop those relationships and demonstrate to our new acquisitions our commitment to community.

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