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Vic Pare - 38 Years of Service

Vic Pare is a bit of a lone wolf, the consummate quiet man. Working as a Loader Operator at Ridgemount Quarries suited his personality beautifully. Vic started with us in 1976 after trying out several other jobs and employers. His first job was driving a haul truck. In 1987, he became the Loader Operator at the quarry. Vic prides himself on serving the truckers, ensuring they are loaded safely and efficiently. The truckers have become his second family. Career highlights for Vic were Norris Walker personally congratulating him on his years of service and the three new loaders he had over the course of his career. Each new loader brought new technology to discover. Vic also enjoyed the quiet times at Ridgemount when he could watch the wildlife that cut through the quarry.

“I love my job, which is nice to be able to say after such a long run of employment, and I’m grateful for the life it has provided me.”

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