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Walker Industries 2014 Sustainability Report

Water Footprint

Blue Water Footprint:
The amount of water abstracted from groundwater or surface water that does not return to the catchment from which it was withdrawn.
Green Water Footprint:
Volume of rainwater consumed during the production process.

Total 2014 Water Footprint 4,268,097 (m3)
Footprint Source Blue Water (m3) Green Water (m3)
Aggregates & Construction 3,819,178 58,211
Emulsions* 36,529 ---------
Environmental Solutions** 40,413 313,336
Corporate Services 430 ---------
Totals 3,896,550 371,547
* (not including Walker Emulsions South Carolina)
** (not including Organic Resource Ottawa or Vancouver operations)
Notable Reductions from 2014
Norjohn Contracting: 32% Reduction
Norjohn Transfer Station: 24% Reduction Niagara Biosolids: 17% Reduction

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