Walker Industries 2015 Sustainability Report

A Message from President and CEO John Fisher

We are at a point in time when we find ourselves in an increasingly complex world. Important societal challenges such as climate change, income and other types of inequality, the consequences of an aging population in much of the world, and a changed business landscape due to globalization, are but a few of these challenges that come to mind. We are searching for new and creative ways to address these issues, while at the same time we are questioning existing approaches. One of the outcomes of this process is a growing expectation that the private sector should take on an increasing role, and in many cases a leadership role, in providing solutions. For us, it is the intersection between many of these challenges and our company’s family business values that motivates us to become a more sustainable business. Each and every day we witness the interrelationships among the social, environmental and economic elements of what we do. We work to understand these relationships with a view to not only continuously improve our business, but also to make a meaningful contribution to the world around us. We hope you enjoy this year’s report. It is a compilation of many interesting and inspiring stories that illustrate what being a sustainable business means to us.

John Fisher, President & CEO

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