Walker Industries 2015 Sustainability Report
Table of Contents
About Walker Industries
Facility Locations
Aggregates and Construction
Environmental Solutions
Values-Based Culture
Our Legacy Statement
Our Sustainability Goals


Our People
Les Hildebrand
Roger McGillvray
Vaughn Bryant
Employee Numbers
Leadership Niagara
Together WE Can
Wellness Program
Project Management Training
Management Education Program

Health and Safety
7 Philosophies
Health & Safety Summit

Our Partners
Walker Environmental & The Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation
Banff Marathon

Our Communities

2015 Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association Awards
Niagara Business Awards
South Carolina Chamber of Commerce Business Week
Schools in Bloom Program
Fonthill Students Take on the Challenge of Robotics & Waste
Scotland Agromart Tour Niagara Facilities
Afforestation Research at Duntroon Quarry
Restoration of Historic Lime Kiln

Walker Living Campus
Walker Emulsions - Portland Receives Watershed Council Award
Walker Emulsions – Burlington Takes Home Sustainable Innovation Award
Behind-the-Meter Electricity Generation
Improving Lighting Efficiency
Granular Road Conversion with Recycled Asphalt Product
Improving Efficiency by Consolidating Servers
Landfill Gas Milestone Reached
Niagara Biosolids’ New Dryer Bypass
Innovative Solutions to Meet Provincial Composting Standards
Water Footprint
Carolinian Tree Saplings Collected at Closed Rice Road Landfill
Supporting Pollinator Health
Making Agricultural Connections at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show
Protecting Eastern Whip-Poor-Wills
Tonnes of Wastes Diverted from Landfill
Production Rates
Property Taxes Paid
Organic Resource Woodstock
Corporate Giving