Walker Industries 2016 Sustainability Report

A Message from President and CEO John Fisher

For me, this year’s report highlights the many and varied ways in which it is possible to build a more sustainable business. In one respect, we are busy doing our part to make a difference regarding some of the big global issues that we read about in the news every day. We are working to build relationships and understand the unique needs of Indigenous communities. We continue to work to measure and reduce our carbon footprint, and we have developed a Climate Management Program so that our company can continue to thrive in a climate-altered world. We invest in programs to support the physical and mental health and well-being of our employees.

Building a sustainable business is, of course, not limited to a focus on the big issues of the day. Whether it be supporting pollinator health, raising money to help fight Parkinson’s disease or providing funding and employee volunteers to a number of Habitat for Humanity builds, our 2016 report contains many stories highlighting meaningful contributions our company and our employees are making to the social, environmental and economic well-being of the local communities in which we operate.

Our approach to sustainability continues to be shaped by our well-established value principles, which provide clarity and alignment as we look to the future.

I hope you enjoy this year’s report.

John Fisher, President & CEO

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