New Tree Recovery Service

Tree Recovery ServiceThe Walker Industries culture, focused on environmentally responsible practices, has enabled the company’s IMS Wood Grinding Division to recognize a new opportunity in the agricultural sector. More specifically, the IMS Wood Grinding Division has taken advantage of recycling and re-use of undesired and non-bearing tree crops.

The Orchard and Vineyard Transition Program, offered by the Ontario Government, assists farmers during crop transition periods resulting from changes in market trends or crops that do not reach full maturity. The IMS Wood Grinding Division has created a tree recovery service in the Niagara area to assist growers in the disposal process of unwanted crops. This new service will help eliminate the need for traditional methods of burning trees in the fields, resulting in wasted wood sources. Using the tree recovery service, trees are ground to produce biomass feedstock, mulch for land application, and a source of natural fruit flavouring for smoking foods.

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