Yo-Pro Kyle Monteith

Kyle Monteith accepts his artwork “Bees and Grapes” from Scott Bossy from Meridian Credit Union. The piece was completed by local artist Laraine McMahon-Nelson.

The Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce (GNCC) recently hosted an event that allows Young Professionals (Yo-Pros) to bid with their time, not with their dime. The event is called the NEXTNiagara Priceless Auction and its purpose is to encourage community involvement by bringing together local Yo-Pros, artists and organizations. Since 2014, the event has raised 2,800 volunteer hours.

At the event, pieces of art are auctioned off to the Yo-Pro who bids the most volunteer hours. The hours are completed at not-for-profit organizations. Each piece of artwork hangs in the office or building of the organization that sponsored it until the volunteer hours are completed.

This event aligns closely with many of Walker’s value principles which have guided our company through five generations. With this fit in mind, Walker Environmental has sponsored the event for the last two years and is looking forward to presenting our two sponsored paintings to the successful bidders once the volunteer hours are completed.

Walker Yo-Pro Kyle Monteith successfully bid his time in 2014. Since then, Kyle has completed 60 volunteer hours through GENNEXT, a young professional’s sub-committee of the United Way and the Niagara Sustainability Initiative. “I love the concept behind Priceless; the event brings together the Niagara business community, supports local artists and provides incentive for Niagara residents to give back to the community by volunteering” says Kyle. On December 1, 2015 he was presented with his painting at the GNCC’s Business after Five event.