Walker Aggregates Provides Research Site for New “Living Mulch” Study

Walker Aggregates’ Duntroon Quarry is home to a recently afforested area being used as a research and study site for University of Waterloo’s School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability. A new study beginning this fall led by the university’s Dr. Paul Richardson, two PhD candidates and a team of undergrads will reveal whether or not soil removed from a forested area can be successfully transfused to a new site to add to the health of a young forest and preserve the species within the soil.

The test soil is being taken from Walker Aggregates’ quarry expansion north of County Road 91 in Duntroon and moved to an area of the existing quarry that is being rehabilitated. If successful, new plantings will thrive not only in terms of how we physically see them, but also in terms of species composition and tree composition. Richardson hopes that this will help to speed up the typically long process of starting a new, natural forest.

This is of particular interest to Walker Aggregates, which puts much of its time and effort toward rehabilitating exhausted quarry sites. “We need to be leaders and responsible stewards of the land,” says Ken Lucyshyn, Executive Vice President Aggregates and Construction. “If there’s a way to give the rehabilitation process a higher probability of success, that’s what we need to be doing.”

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