Ridgemount Quarries copyRidgemount Quarries


Ridgemount Quarries is located in the Town of Fort Erie, just east of Stevensville. This quarry has been operating since 1960’s and under our ownership since 1973.


The various rock members of the Bertie Formation are extracted to supply the large demand for local road construction projects. Materials range from 4″ minus gradations down to 1/2″ minus gradations. This location also produces a variety of drainage layer materials from 2″ clear down to 1/2″ clear.

Limestone’s natural beauty and durability make it a popular choice for other markets such as home construction, erosion control, and landscape projects. Our typical market borders Lake Erie going west towards Port Colborne and north towards Niagara Falls.


As a part of Walker Industries Green Initiative, this location also recycles concrete and asphalt from local infrastructure reconstruction for the purpose of reuse in the market.

The rehabilitation plan for this property is to side slope the walls with overburden and allow the quarry to fill with water for recreational and natural activities.


Ridgemount Quarries
2009 Ridgemount Rd
Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0