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Armour Stone

Armour stone is great for a variety of projects from single tier garden perimeters to large scale retaining walls.  Coveted for its flat surfaces and consistent sizing, this product is available at our Severn Pines location in Simcoe and Vineland Quarries in Niagara.  300mm – 500mm (12” – 20”) face heights are readily available with oversized material 600mm – 1200mm (24” – 48”) available on a first-come first-served basis.

Natural Steps

Natural stone steps are rugged, durable, and functional.  They add natural beauty to any landscaping project.  150mm – 200mm (6” – 8”) steps are available in lengths up to 1200mm (48”).

Cap Rock

If you’re going for a unique look, our cap rock provides that and more.  With its aged, water sculpted surfaces and mossy top – our cap rock adds character to your landscape design.

River Stone

Available in both small 50mm – 100mm (2”-4”) and large 100mm – 300mm (4”-12”) sizes, this product features light and dark hues of gray complimented by pinks, blues and reds.  Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications including garden beds, paths, pots and borders.

Bunker Sand

The rise in the popularity of golf in North America has been accompanied by the demand for superior playing surfaces.  There are certainly better places to be on the course than in a bunker, but should you find yourself in one, you can take comfort knowing that the Superintendent is using quality bunker sand.

The aesthetic impression such as color, along with physical properties like playability, maintenance, drainage and stability on flashings are all factors to consider when selecting bunker sand.  Our powdery white bunker sand is a favourite on many of the top courses in Ontario.

Rip Rap

200mm (8″) to 400mm (16″) stones used for erosion control, bank stabilization, and drainage. It is also known as the “one man rubble”.

Gabion Stone

100mm (4″) to 200mm (8″) stones used for erosion control, bank stabilization, and drainage. This product is also used to fill wire baskets and then placed for bank stabilization or retaining walls.

High Performance Bedding Stone

A minus 7 mm (1/4”) plus 2.36 mm (1/8”) material used for bedding of pipes, to provide a supporting surface which will not damage the pipe, membrane or other material laid above.  Its small size enables it to fill crevasses better than larger size aggregates.

Filter Media Sand

A coarse graded crushed limestone sand made to local specifications for filter beds.

50 mm (2”) Leachate Drainage Stone

A minus 50 mm (2”) to 19 mm (3/4”) material that is used in the construction of engineered landfills.  It is laid in a continuous layer that extends completely across the base of the waste fill zone. The stones must have a D85 of not less than 37 mm, a D10 of not less than 19 mm, a uniformity coefficient (D60/D10) of less than 2.0, and, when measured by weight, not more than 1.0 per cent of the stones may pass the US #200 sieve.

Winter Sand Salt Mix

A blend of 5 parts Winter Sand and 1 part Road Salt.  Winter Sand is clean, durable, angular sand used on roads to improve traction in winter.  The blended-in salt aids in melting ice.