Spring Creek Aggregates copySpring Creek Aggregates


Spring Creek Aggregates is located south of the Niagara Escarpment in the Township of Lincoln.

This licensed resource had been in reserve since 1974 until the QEW corridor reconstruction project in the mid nineties. BOT Construction was the successful bidder on this project and they elected to move their portable crushing plant into Spring Creek to supply aggregates to this project.

Armbro Construction was successful in getting the second tender on the QEW reconstruction and widening and they also owned portable crushing plants and they elected to move in as well to supply the aggregate to their project. These projects spanned 6 years and then Spring Creek went back into reserve until the QEW widening project in St. Catharines started 3 years ago and Dufferin Construction elected to bring their crusher in as well to supply their aggregate needs for their 4 year project.


Spring Creek has an excellent quality resource, mining the Eramosa, Gasport and Goat Island members of the Lockport Formation, suitable for Asphalt, Concrete and Granular supply to the construction industry.


The rehabilitation plan for this property is to side slope the walls with overburden and allow the quarry to fill with water for recreational and natural activities.


Spring Creek
5500 Yonge St.
Lincoln, ON, L0R 2A0