Vineland Quarries & Crushed Stone copyVineland Quarries & Crushed Stone


Vineland Quarries and Crushed Stone is located on the Niagara Escarpment just south of the village of Vineland and has been operating since 1958.

The Gasport and Goat Island members of the Lockport formation are being extracted to supply the local asphalt, concrete, and road construction industry. We predominately process this high quality resource into concrete stone and a high quality manufactured sands.


The wash plant facility at this location allows us to produce a premium product for the Concrete, Pre-Cast and Asphalt applications. This plant also has the ability to accommodate custom gradation requests from 18″ minus down to 1/8″ screenings.

Manufactured sands are produced to support the needs of the asphalt and concrete market as well as the need for ‘ice control sand’ in the winter months.

Limestone products range from large armour stone (5+ tonnes) to Limestone fines. Limestone’s natural beauty and durability make it a popular choice for other markets such as home construction, erosion control, and landscape projects.


As a part of Walker Industries Green Initiative, this location also recycles concrete and asphalt from local infrastructure reconstruction for the purpose of reuse in the market.

The rehabilitation plan for this property is to place the overburden back to specific grades to facilitate vineyards and field crops in other areas.


Vineland Quarries & Vineland Asphalt
3614 Victoria Avenue
Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0