Walker Emulsions Contributes to South Carolina’s Business Week

The mission of South Carolina Business Week (SCBW) is to contribute to young adult preparedness for the business environment by introducing them to the principles of leadership, teamwork and the American free enterprise system while promoting self-reliance, individual responsibility and entrepreneurship. The 6-day program, held at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC is available to SC rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.

For the 2nd year, Walker Emulsions – Orangeburg sponsored a student from Orangeburg to attend the session which includes their accommodation, meals and all instructional materials. Many students would be unable to attend if it weren’t for generous sponsors from all over South Carolina.

Throughout the week, more than 30 prominent business executives teach current business topics and leadership skills including basic business finance, ethics, diversity, teamwork and entrepreneurship. Starting with the basics and adding topics throughout the week, students collaborate with executives in an intensive program designed to develop a thorough understanding of private enterprise. Plenty of fun occurs during the learning as well as during pizza, ice cream, talent, movie, cheer and banquet nights. Many students begin to form important choices related to college degree major and professional field of interest during South Carolina Business Week. For some, this is the first time they have been on a college campus and it opens up a new world of possibilities for their future. An added bonus is that many participants also make friendships that last a lifetime.

A key component of SCBW is a virtual business simulation where teams are tasked with operating a clothing store and have to consider many facets to achieve success. Decision-making in areas such as location, product line, financing, inventory, pricing, staffing, marketing, promotions, overhead & expenses and market research opportunities drives 8 key strategic decision points in the simulation.

Pam Barton, Human Resources Manager for Walker, continued her involvement with SCBW again this year by leading Company E, a team of 12 students. “As a company advisor, it’s extremely rewarding to share knowledge and skills with the students and collaborate with them in program activities and daily goals. I encouraged everyone to step up at points during the week and challenged them to be leaders in their own way. They engaged in the program, excelled and were eventual winners of the virtual business simulation in our industry. By resisting distractions on what other teams were doing, they were consistent, applied what they learned and made well-reasoned decisions. It was a terrific surprise for them to be called up to receive an award at banquet night and I thoroughly enjoyed watching their reactions and resulting pride in teamwork.”

By being part of SCBW and other important projects and community building efforts in South Carolina, Walker Emulsions – Orangeburg supports our local business environment and makes a positive difference to both individuals and to the state as a whole.

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