Walker Emulsions Teams Up for Business Week to Teach Leaders of Tomorrow

South Carolina Chamber of Commerce Business WeekSince 1983, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, Business Week has prepared young adults for the business environment by introducing them to the principles of leadership, teamwork and the American free enterprise system. Executives join students for an entire week, managing a ‘company’ team in an advisory capacity.  Many of these advisors return year after year, some using vacation time, because they believe deeply in the program and know the impact they make on these young people’s lives.   Starting with the basics, students collaborate with executives in an intensive program designed to develop a thorough understanding of private enterprise.

Walker Emulsions – Orangeburg, SC got involved with Business Week this year by sponsoring a student to attend this year’s session that took place July 26 – 31. In addition, Pam Barton, Human Resource Business Partner for Walker Emulsions presented a career-readiness focused session for attendees.  She was excited to attend and after spending time there, she was doubly convinced that “it’s a fantastic program, filled with enthusiastic participants who are being guided by the best business leaders out there.  The learning gained, about their own self and the business world in general, not to mention life-skills, is invaluable.”

Students participate in a business simulation that tracks their progress with other teams. During the simulation, they are tasked with making key decisions at intervals that take into account marketing, staffing, forecasting and other important business concepts.

Not only does Business Week provide a great opportunity for high school students to gain experience interacting with other students, it also gives them an opportunity to hear about different careers and interact with professionals in many different industries thereby honing in on their own future schooling and career paths.

At the conclusion of the program, five students that exhibited exemplary leadership throughout the week were recognized with College/University scholarships.

As in other efforts throughout the company, Walker Emulsions’ involvement with Business Week made a difference in the community that they serve.