Walker Environmental Announces New Resource Recovery Area

Niagara Falls, ON –  Recently, the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change granted Walker Environmental the approval to repurpose a section of its closed East Landfill into a Resource Recovery Area. With the approval, Walker Environmental expands its resource recovery business to divert a broader range of materials from landfill. This facility will take materials that were destined to landfill and create valuable new products to help Ontario transition to a low carbon economy. In addition to recovering resources, Walker will be creating a number of new products such as manufactured soils, low carbon fuels, recycled asphalt products and livestock feed supplements. Another key component of this new facility will be the development of several acres of pollinator habitat to support local agriculture.

“This is an opportunity for us to create new products and fuel sources, all while lowering greenhouse gas emissions and repurposing the land on top of our East Landfill,” said Tim McVicar, Vice President Transfer & Disposal, Walker Environmental.

This facility will support opportunities with companies looking to Alternative Low-Carbon Fuel (ALCF) as a replacement for coal in kilns and coke ovens.

Transitioning to a low carbon and circular economy is a focus for the Province of Ontario. This facility, along with Walker’s other food waste recovery and renewable energy businesses highlight the important role that the private sector plays in making Ontario a more efficient and resilient place to live.

“The Resource Recovery Area aligns with our landfill diversion goals and presents another opportunity for Walker Environmental to contribute to the circular economy,” said Mike Watt, Executive Vice President, Walker Environmental. “It’s a great opportunity to continue to grow the resource recovery side of our business while providing safe and reliable infrastructure for materials that currently cannot be recycled or reused.”

More information can be found at http://www.walkerind.com/walker-environmental-group/recycling-solutions/